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Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil For Hair Growth


Pratvi offers natural and Herbal hair oils for hair growth, dandruff, and curly hair. The blend of this magical Herbal Hair Oil, which contains 25 different herbs, is the key to having long, thick hair. This natural herb mixture maintains the body's natural healthy balance and is rich in the nutrients needed for complete hair care, which reflects in the improved health of the hair. Our chemical-free herbal hair oil promotes hair growth while reducing hair fall.


We only use natural components to create all of our products. Natural ingredients are added to give the products their distinctive scent, and we don't include artificial fragrances. To retain all the nutrients, this special hair oil is made using the age-old cold-pressing technique, and we prepare the herbal hair oil in a copper vessel and immerse it for 15 days. Regular application of this oil will strengthen your hair from the roots up, reduce hair loss, and leave you with thick, beautiful hair. Use the hair oil at least twice weekly for three months to watch the magic happen!


Why Pratvi Naturals Herbal Hair Oil?


Our Herbal Hair Oil is made using various herbs like Onions, Curry leaves, Neem leaves, Karunjeeragam, Poduthalai, Hibiscus leave, and Hibiscus flower, all of which have a high ability to nourish the scalp and encourage hair growth.


We created Pratvi's Natural Herbal Hair Oil specifically to reduce hair fall and revitalize while giving your hair more volume and shine. We take pleasure in making hair oils that are free of harmful chemicals and mineral oils. Almost everyone can use this herbal hair oil, which is the best for hair growth.



Benefits of Organic Herbal Hair Oil:


   Nourishes the scalp and encourages the growth of new hair.

  Strengthens and deeply conditions hair follicles.

  Helps in preventing hair fall.

  Helps avoid premature greying and dandruff.

  Makes the hair thicker and stronger while improving hair strength.



How to Use Herbal Hair Care Oil?


Make a part of your hair and massage the herbal oil into the scalp. Allow the oil to absorb to the roots by gently massaging the scalp in a circular motion. Before washing, wait for at least an hour. It is also quite useful to keep it overnight.


Key Ingredients


Neem leaves: Neem has exceptional qualities and efficiently treats hair loss. In addition to preventing dandruff, it thickens and strengthens hair follicles.


Poduthalai: Poduthalai is one of the natural remedies for dandruff and hair loss, and it can nourish your hair. Due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities, poduthalai helps remove dandruff.


Hibiscus: Antioxidants, including vitamin C, flavonoids, and amino acids, which encourage hair growth, are rich in hibiscus. Hibiscus prevents dryness and dandruff in addition to promoting hair growth.


Onion: To support healthy, thick hair and to prevent hair fall, onion juice can add more sulfur to the hair. Onion sulfur may help in promoting collagen production.


Curry leaves: Proteins and antioxidants found in curry leaves help to combat free radicals and maintain the strength and health of your hair.


Karunjeeragam: The black seeds' beneficial properties help encourage hair growth, prevent hair fall, and give your scalp more volume.



FAQs About Pratvi Organic Herbal Hair Oil:


Can I heat the herbal hair oil before using it?


For better results, lukewarm the oil before applying it to your hair. To ensure that the oil reaches the roots, gently massage the scalp in a circular motion.


Can I leave the oil on my hair overnight?

Yes. You can use this Herbal Hair Oil and let it remain on your scalp all night.


Will this oil help to prevent premature greying of hair?

Yes. Natural components like Neem, Curry leaves, Karunjeeragam, etc., are used in making our herbal Hair Oil and are known to strengthen hair and prevent premature greying development.



Does this herbal hair oil work well on an oily scalp?

Use Pratvi's Herbal oil, which may also be used on an oily scalp, if you're looking for the best oil for an oily scalp. Every herb in our natural herbal hair oil works magic on your hair to give it great length, thickness, and strength. Additionally, because this oil is light and non-sticky, it nourishes hair without making it greasy or sticky.


Do herbal hair oils work well for hair growth?

A: Herbal hair oils are notable for their ability to prevent hair issues like curly hair, early greying, dry scalp, and untimely hair loss. In the long run, regular herbal oil helps eliminate such hair issues.


Can I Use this Hair Oil If I Have Dandruff & Dry Scalp?

Hair oiling strengthens and deeply nourishes the hair roots. The best treatment for dry scalp and itchy dandruff is a regular massage with Herbal hair oils. For dry and frizzy hair types, Pratvi's Herbal hair oil works best to treat dandruff.


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