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Best Natural Black Waterproof Herbal Eye Kajal

Kajal is a traditional eye make-up. It enhances the beauty and health of your eyes. In the past, It burned cotton clothes steeped in ghee to create kajal in homes. The soot that remains after covering the flame with a metal tin is scooped up and put to the eyes with cotton or fingertips.

Herbal kajal is made using natural ingredients. Stress relief for the eyes is one of the critical advantages of organic kajal. It keeps the eyes healthy and aids in removing tiredness. It is antibacterial and has therapeutic qualities.


Why Choose Pratvi Natural Herbal Kajal for Your Eye?

Pratvi products are made from herbal ingredients. Our herbal kajal is traditionally made from Castor oil, Cotton ash, Bhringaraj, and aloe vera. Its antibacterial qualities protect your eyes. Pratvi Herbal kajal is non-allergic and non-toxic, so It can use for kids also. Castor oil soothes dry eyes, improves lubrication, and prevents cataracts. Bhringaraj helps in improving eyesight. Aloe vera keeps eyes cool and helps in reducing black circles. It is free from parabens and other preservatives which can harm your eyes. Pratvi Herbal kajal is gentle on your eyes and keeps them away from various eye infections. It is made from raw herbal materials and doesn't irritate your eyes. It is enriched with natural anti-oxidants and soothes your eyes. It is gentle on your eyes and gives them a simple and smoky look.


How to take care of your eyes?

Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, carrots, and other green leafy vegetables can all help to improve your eyes. Vitamin A and anti-oxidants included in these meals can help maintain eye health.

You may strengthen your eye muscles and improve your eyesight by regularly exercising your eyes. When you're out, don't forget your sunglasses. From damaging UV rays, it shields your eyes. Make sure not to overwork your eyes. Observe anything from 20 feet for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Your eyes won't strain too much with this activity.


Tips for Beautiful Eyes:

Dark Circles

● Tea bags kept calm can be placed over your eyes to help reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Please avoid using herbal tea bags as they are less effective than black tea bags.

 ● Cotton balls can assist with dark circles if you keep them on your eyes for ten minutes after dipping them in cold water.

● Cucumber slices: Cucumbers are suitable for your eyes. Apply sliced cucumbers to both eyes for around 30 minutes. Due to its cooling properties, the depth of darkness will reduce.

● Tomato Pack: Take a tablespoon of tomato pulp, half a spoon of lime juice, and a dash of turmeric powder to make a "tomato pack." On the dark circles, apply this pack. Wash it off once it has dried.


Sunken eyes

● Almond Oil honey pack: This eye pack can be made by adding a teaspoon full of honey with half a teaspoon of almond oil. Apply this pack under your eyes, leave it for the night, and then wash it off.

● Potato Juice: Raw potato juice can be applied to a dark circle to lighten it.

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