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Herbal Lip Balm

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Best Herbal & Organic Lip Balm

Lip Care:

Lip skin is very delicate and is more exposed to damage. It is more susceptible than any other skin part. Even the season changes cause lip damage like peeling, cracking, chapping and splitting, or sometimes bleeding. So it is essential to care for our lips by keeping them moisturized.


Need for Pratvi Herbal Lip Balm:

Hydrating lips with lip balms may keep them away from most of the damage. But, we should be very cautious about choosing lip care products. Chemical products may cause even more harm to your lips, making them dull and dusky. It may result in losing the health of your lips. Natural lip care products may help you in this context. These help to deeply hydrate your lips, keeping them away from damage.


Why choose Pratvi Herbal Lip Balm?


Pratvi herbal lip balm contains natural ingredients. It gives your lips a lot of moisture. It is non-toxic and allergy-free. It prolongs the hydration of your lips. Its herbal ingredients defend against peeling, cracking, and chapping while also restoring the skin tone of your lips. Cow ghee, cocoa butter, and aloe vera are a few organic ingredients used in Pratvi Herbal Lip Balm. Cow ghee offers your lips a gentle, pink hue, coco butter gives them a smooth, radiant texture, and aloe vera profoundly hydrates and soothes the skin on your lips.


Tips For Maintaining Healthy Lips:


To appear soft, smooth, and supple, lips require regular care. If your lips aren't healthy, no lipstick, lip color, or lip grooming products will make them attractive. Here are some suggestions for maintaining healthy lips.


Consuming a diet high in vitamins and minerals benefits your skin and lips.

Water helps keep your lips naturally hydrated, so drink enough.

Rub your lips gently to remove any dead skin cells.

To make your lips appear softer, gently massage them for 5 minutes with some essential oils.

Don't forget to remove any lipstick or lip color that you have used before going to bed.

Apply a herbal lip cream before going to bed. It helps to rejuvenate lip skin cells.


Tips for soft glowing lips:


 Scrub the lip skin with a mixture of sugar, almond oil, and honey.

 Apply beetroot juice to your lips to get a natural pink tone.

Use aloe vera and love to keep them hydrated and look supple.

Massage with Vitamin E-rich oil


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