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About Pratvi Naturals Herbal Hair Shampoo:


Using herbal shampoo to prevent hair fall has no negative effects on your body. We make the best natural shampoo for hair growth because of the natural and organic ingredients we use in our products. Our herbal hair shampoo does not harm your scalp or hair over time because it is made of pure herbs collected directly from nature.


Pratvi offers the best organic shampoo for hair growth. Our Herbal shampoo is formulated with a mild cleansing solution filled with the healthy benefits of hibiscus flower, onion, and curry leaves to prevent hair fall. Its formula strengthens hair follicles and roots to encourage growth and gives dull hair a shiny, silky appearance. It is made without parabens and has a delicate cleansing base without adding harsh chemicals.


Our natural hair shampoo's herbal components make it suited for daily usage, making the hair from the root to the tip glossy and healthy. The clinically proven natural bio-actives added to this purifying herbal shampoo completely control the appearance of both dry and greasy dandruff. Jathi kai, Hibiscus leaf, Aloe Vera, and Hibiscus flower are four traditional super-herbs that balance the scalp and significantly lessen the dandruff-causing microorganisms.


Pratvi’s Herbal shampoo for hair growth contains many herbs in a completely natural way and can greatly reduce your hair fall. This mild daily shampoo produces healthy, glossy, and bouncy hair and is perfect for colour-treated hair. Also, it suits all hair types for both men and women.


Benefits of Natural Herbal Hair Care Shampoo:


Shampoo with a pH balance and clinically proven ingredients to improve the condition of your scalp.

Prevents hair fall and strengthens hair

Good for treating both dry and oily dandruff

Its antifungal qualities Treat dry & itchy scalp

Gives hair a smooth, soft texture.

For color-treated hair, Color Protection Active helps in color retention.


 How to Use Pratvi Natural Herbal Shampoo?


Wet your hair, then apply shampoo and massage it through. Shampoo twice since removing dirt and oil from hair is harder without a foamy activity. Rinse your hair thoroughly after the second wash because it foams up more quickly.

Wash your hair three times a week with our herbal hair shampoo for the best results.


Ingredients Used in Herbal Hair Shampoo


The natural components in our herbal hair shampoo include Hibiscus leaf, Hibiscus flower, Jathi kai, jathi pathiri, onion, curry leaves, Garlic, Lemon, Aloe vera, and more.


Pratvi is committed to using natural plant-derived ingredients in all its products. Thus none of our hair cleansers contains harsh chemicals, synthetic scents, mineral oils, phthalates, silicones, parabens, or sulfates. We use CMC, which is also used in ice cream.


Key Ingredients For Strong & Healthy Hair




Antioxidants are high in onion, and their antibacterial properties treat itchiness, dandruff, and other scalp issues. The sulfur in onions promotes hair growth, stops hair loss, and keeps hair thick. Additionally, the high sulfur levels strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.




Hibiscus contains amino acids that are great hair conditioners because they strengthen hair follicles and soften hair. Hibiscus flowers give the hair the nutrients required for growth. These amino acids produce keratin, a specific structural protein that forms the basis of hair.


Curry leaves:


For healthy hair growth and overall mane maintenance, curry leaves are a good source of protein. Also, it contains amino acids and beta-carotene, which help build hair follicles and reduce hair loss.


Jathi kai (Nutmeg):


Nutmeg's anti-microbial characteristics aid in maintaining a healthy scalp and reducing dandruff, which helps to stop hair loss and encourages hair growth.



Aloe vera :


Vitamins A, C, and E are found in aloe vera. These vitamins support healthy cell growth and shiny hair by assisting with damaged cells. Moreover, aloe vera gel contains folic acid and vitamin B12. Your hair won't fall out if you use any of these components.


FAQ About Herbal Hair Shampoo:


Can I use Herbal Shampoo Daily?


You can use the Pratvi Herbal shampoo daily if your scalp is oily. However, if you have a dry scalp, frequent hair washing can usually result in moisture loss, which makes your hair more prone to frizz and breakage. We advise using the Pratvi Herbal shampoo twice a week for best results.


How do herbal shampoos improve hair growth?


Herbal shampoos for hair growth are designed to strengthen the hair follicles by nourishing the root and follicles and providing essential oils. It promotes the growth of fresh, healthy hair roots and hair growth. Our herbal hair shampoo's antioxidant benefits help reduce hair fall and increase shine and gloss.


How can I pick a good herbal shampoo?


Keep an eye out for these components. When selecting a herbal shampoo, look for ingredients like Hibiscus flower, Jathi kai, curry leaves, and aloe vera. Don't purchase organic shampoos based just on the label.


Is herbal shampoo good for hair fall?


Herbal shampoos are manufactured from all-natural, organic components. They don't contain any artificial additives or surfactants and have no side effects. Pratvi’s Herbal shampoo prevents chemically caused damage to your hair, and it is best for hair fall and dandruff. Also, it helps in preserving your scalp's ideal pH balance.


Are herbal shampoos safe for color-treated hair?


All herbal shampoos are safe to use on coloured hair. The best option for reducing hair damage and colour fading is herbal shampoos. Our natural herbal shampoo contains plant-based natural hair cleaners that are gentle on your hair shaft. They protect and hydrate your hair and prevent your colour from washing out.


Is your herbal shampoo suitable for children?


We only advise using our herbal shampoo on children over 5.


Why should I choose Pratvi Herbal Shampoo over the many other brands available?


Pratvi herbal shampoo is one of the best herbal shampoos for hair growth. It contains natural component extracts suited for all hair types and has no harmful side effects or allergies. Our natural herbal shampoos are made without artificial additives from pure, organic materials. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about allergies when using these shampoos.


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